St. Johns Pentecostal House of Restoration

I would like to extend warm greetings to the Pastors, leadership and members of the St John’s Pentecostal House of Restoration (SJPC) Ministries on behalf of the people and Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

We are incredibly honored to be a part of the 5th Anniversary Celebration of what God has been doing through this dynamic and progressive Ministry.

Your service to the nation of Antigua and Barbuda has been exemplary and has resulted in transformed lives and renewed hope.

For that collectively as a nation, we are eternally grateful, and congratulate you on reaching this milestone.

Your anniversary date is very significant as the number 5 symbolises God’s grace. It symbolises His goodness and His favor toward mankind.

It is truly the amazing grace that has kept you over the years and will eventually lead you home.

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda fully supports the work of this Ministry and the critical role that it has always played in the Spiritual growth and development of our people.

As a Government we are continually working with God’s help to position this nation on a growth path particularly in the area of our country’s tourism, and the economic empowerment that this will deliver to our people.

The plans and programs that we have begun to implement have resulted in several new tourism projects that will be built with 1st class conference facilities. This will allow us to host major regional and international Faith Tourism events.

We therefore use this opportunity to alert the community of faith that Antigua and Barbuda is open for this type of business.

We have been blessed with the Sir V.C. Bird International Airport, which has just been ranked the 2nd best in the entire region.

Our nation has been able to attract a wide range of airlines with direct flights from our regional and international markets.

We also currently have a remarkable range of accommodations to suit the needs of the modern discerning traveller.

I truly believe that this nation has been positioned by God’s grace to be the head and not the tail, to be above and not beneath.

As an administration that places priority on God’s sovereignty, we covet your prayers as we put our collective shoulders to the wheel to take Tourism to the highest levels.

Additionally my Ministry of Tourism has placed a huge emphasis on the area of Faith Tourism fully cognizant of the resultant benefits both financially and spiritually, that will accrue to Antigua and Barbuda.

We have just this week been hosting Bonnie Floyd Ministries who are doing a remarkable job in sharing God’s grace and the redemptive power of forgiveness with the youths of our nation.

It is my understanding that Pastor Bonnie Floyd has already secured a live appearance on CBN’s the 700 Club in the next few weeks, which will be broadcast to millions of viewers in the faith community.

She continues to be a true “Tourism Ambassador” sharing her story of redemption and the love that she has for our nation and its people throughout the North American Community of Faith.

This story is a clear example of an incident that was meant for evil but has been transformed by God’s grace into something good.

From Faith based Conferences to Gospel Concerts, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda pledges its unswerving support, to any program that will contribute to improving the lives of our people and the image of our nation as one people, speaking with one voice, united under God!

For those of you visiting from overseas I extend a warm welcome to our beautiful islands.

I hope you enjoy your stay with us and trust that you take away only warm and pleasant memories of your time with us in Antigua and Barbuda.

May God continue to bless this work that He has started and that He is well able to keep.

May He continue to inspire you with Hope, and the resources to realize the vision that you have embarked upon and may He continue to bless our beautiful nation of Antigua and Barbuda! Thank you.