Bonnie Floyd Ministries Town Hall Meeting Parham

Sunday, April 17, 2016: Good Evening to the wonderful people of St. Peters, I would like to warmly welcome you to this evening’s meeting.

We are incredibly honored to have with us Mrs. Bonnie Floyd Pastor, Author, Bible teacher, and Inspirational Speaker with us to share with us her story.

We also warmly welcome her husband Donnie and her friend and ministry colleague Victoria who also accompanied her to our beautiful country.

I know that some of you standing here this evening, are too young to remember the tragedy that took place on the sister isle of Barbuda 22 years ago.  This tragedy claimed the lives of 4 persons, including Mrs. Bonnie Floyd’s parents.

My heart aches each time I hear her story; However I am encouraged by the response both then and now of how you the people of Antigua and Barbuda, reacted to the loss of her parents as if it was your own personal loss; This has ultimately resulted in an unbroken bond of love between Mrs. Bonnie Floyd and the People of Antigua and Barbuda.

Today, Mrs. Floyd has penned an inspirational book called “Bound to a Promise” based on this terrible ordeal. It is a story of forgiveness and redemption, where a horrible tragedy that was meant for evil was turned around by God’s grace into something good.

Bonnie continues to share this story among the Faith community in North America. She has been a true ambassador for our country’s tourism as she shared her love and affection for our country and our people.  This is a story that has inspired all who hear it.

In fact Pastor Bonnie Floyd will have an opportunity to share with millions of viewers in the USA of just how compassionate and caring the people of Antigua and Barbuda are.

In the next few weeks Mrs. Floyd will be featured in a live interview on CBN’s 700 club where she will share her story in person about a beautiful twin island country called Antigua and Barbuda, which she has grown to love and is now a God appointed Tourism Ambassador. This is the promise that she has been bound to, and is a classic example of the power and reach of Faith Tourism.

So it is only fitting that our Government would have Mrs. Bonnie Floyd come back to Antigua and Barbuda to share her story of God’s love and forgiveness with a series of speaking engagements to the youths of our nations in the schools, churches and various institutions. You may have seen her on Good Morning Antigua and Barbuda, or heard her on the Radio.

She has also visited Barbuda, and has inspired countless number of young people across our twin island state.

Mrs. Floyd has now kindly agreed to our request to devote this evening to the people of the St. Peters constituency.

Ladies and gentlemen I too am bound to a promise to you the wonderful people of                  St. Peters, who have elected me to parliament for four consecutive terms.

The promise is to serve you to the best of my ability and to do all in my power to provide you with every opportunity for growth and development.

I believe this afternoon’s meeting is an opportunity that will inspire you and provide hope as she shares her story with us.

Her remarkable story is one of forgiveness, which encourages all who hear it. It is a story that end in redemption but also shares the consequences of youth peer pressure and how making the wrong decisions in life can tragically change your life forever.

We are indeed honored to have her with us this evening.

Pastor Bonnie we know you have a great love and respect for God’s Word that is born out of your service as a teacher, group leader and minister of the Gospel for more than twenty-two years.

Our people as I am sure you have already come to realise, also share a deep love and respect for God’s word.

We know we are a blessed nation and just having you share with us this past week is a reconfirmation of God’s love for this nation.

We look forward in anticipation to hearing a powerful and dynamic message, which will bring the Scriptures alive and offer useful and practical ways to apply them to our everyday lives.

Ladies and gentlemen lets give a warm welcome to Pastor Bonnie Floyd.