Hon. Asot Michael chides the opposition UPP

St. John’s,  Antigua and Barbuda: Tourism Minister Asot Michael has reminded the nation that the Gaston Browne led administration of which he is part is responsible for bringing stability to Antigua and Barbuda.

In a stinging attack of the Opposition United Progressive Party, Mr. Michael says his report to Parliament on the strides the Ministry of Tourism has made is in stark contrast to what the opposition would want persons to believe. He chided the party led by Harold Lovell for being obstructionists, warning that their (UPP) negativity and efforts to paint a bleak outlook of Antigua and Barbuda should not go unnoticed.

“From today onwards, we must be even more vigilant and resilient to the distasteful and acidic accusations being manufactured by the (UPP). Through distracting mouthpieces, the UPP has been a purveyor of divisiveness. Rather than help to create a progressive society, the leadership of the UPP has been busy defacing this nation’s reputation,” Mr. Michael stated. “Mr. Speaker, we invariably reap what we sow and those sowing seeds of destruction will be punished for their lies and wolf-cries of corruption. The detractors will be cast into the political sea of forgetfulness to be remembered no more,” he added.

The St. Peter MP boldly declared that citizens and residents are realizing a better standard of living under the current administration, inquiring if it is that bad as the opposition claims, then why has the work by his ministry and by extension the government found favour with entities outside of the country.

“Why is it that regional and international institutions and persons can speak about destination Antigua in glowing terms, and commend the work of my Ministry and several of its officials? How did this twin-isle paradise achieve its many accolades despite the UPP naysayers daily spouting the dangerous rhetoric of gloom and doom?

“Mr. Speaker, the answer is simple. The UPP hardly did anything to improve the livelihoods of the Antigua and Barbuda people, and will stop at nothing to see the back of the ABLP, even if the virulent talk destroys the country’s reputation and the good work and steady progress that has been made,” Mr. Michael stated.

The Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy said his government’s record speaks for itself and at the appointed time, “Antiguans and Barbudans in large numbers will let the UPP know that enough is enough.”