Tourism Stakeholders Meet to Discuss Improvements

St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: After two days of meetings and discussions between multi-stakeholder groups to include Taxi Associations, Tour Operators Hoteliers, Transport Board, Antigua and Barbuda Airports Authority, Royal Police Force and Ministry of Tourism Officials: there is a meeting of the minds to improve the “ Visitor Experience” in ground transportation.  The Ministers of Public Utilities Aviation and Transportation Honourable Robin Yearwood and Tourism Economic Development Investment and Energy Honourable Asot Michael also participated in the discussions.

Minister of Tourism Honourable Asot Michael made it clear that “Tourism is and will remain the key economic driver for Antigua and Barbuda and the  “visitor experience is paramount.  Working collectively can only bring all those involved to achieve the one common goal of providing the best tourism product across the region”.

Issues discussed were Established Routes, Standards, Legislation and Training to improve the sector.

Minister of Public Utilities Aviation and Transportation Honourable Robin Yearwood   applauded the contribution made by Taxi Association Executives in ensuring that the sector is regulated to manage illegal operators, and their members pay more attention to safety and security.

Tourism Consultant Shirlene Nibbs reminded the stakeholders of the Strategic Direction of the destination and the need for all service providers to deliver a “quality visitor experience” that is aligned to the middle to luxury guest we are actively attracting. . “If we want the industry to grow make the economic contribution to its true potential everyone has to play their part,” Nibbs reiterated.

Coming out of the meeting as well is the commitment of stakeholders to review the draft legislation presented by Mr. St. Claire Soleyn that addresses having classification and licensing of selected tourism enterprises.

Also in attendance was Mr. Don Smith VP of Guest Transportation and Airport Operations who made invaluable contributions to the discussions.