Asot Michael Media Statement on visit to UPP rally

“On Thursday, April 3, 2014 several persons and I exercised our constitutional and democratic rights to attend a public rally, organized by the United Progressive Party (UPP) in Fort Road.

“There are many other Parliamentarians to include Messrs Harold Lovell and Chandlah Codrington who have both, in the past, attended Labour Party public rallies. We always welcomed them because we believe that there was much to learn from our speakers. The UPP parliamentarians on the other hand have failed to demonstrate this level of maturity and are now motivated by fear and anger over the superior support of the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party.

“Mr. Lovell, in particular, having been told that the pollsters show Melford Nicholas leading him in popular support, seemed as though he wanted an excuse to start a riot. In fact, it was Mr. Lovell who sought to incite violence out of jealousy after observing the UPP supporters open embrace for me.”

This was the response of Comrade Asot Michael in an interview with a news reporter, following his appearance at a UPP (United Progressive Party) rally in City East on Thursday night, April 3 2014.

Mr. Harold Lovell, who was at the time speaking on the UPP microphone, attempted to encourage the attendees at the rally to boo him. Instead, the crowd seemed rather enthralled by Hon. Asot Michael and had no interest in the false promises and lies that Lovell was making at the time.

The St. Peter’s Representative stood unperturbed by the unmanly behaviour of the City East Representative, Mr. Harold Lovell, and peacefully returned to his vehicle after hearing more of Mr. Lovell’s lies and false promises.

Mr. Michael also noted that the City East communities have deteriorated, since 2004, with roads filled with potholes and high unemployment especially among the constituency’s youth.