Finish of the Talisker Whisky Cross Atlantic

Greetings from beautiful Antigua and Barbuda. Welcome one and all. We are extremely delighted to be able to once again host the finish of the Talisker Whisky Cross Atlantic Challenge.

Let me first say congratulations to you Ocean Reunion for not only reaching our shores, but crossing the finish line in record time.

Your journey was a brave and courageous one. Delight yourselves in our warm hospitality and our delicacies that are uniquely Antiguan. Your memories have just begun.

I wish also to say a warm welcome to your family members. I am absolutely sure that today’s reunion is being kept in the best place. Enjoy every moment.

I understand over fifty family members and friends are here on island, so we are encouraged and extremely grateful that your presence has contributed significantly to our tourism product.

Soak up every beautiful moment.

To the organisers, you were left little choice. Antigua is your home. We are extremely happy to have you.

Your contribution to the Antiguan economy as a result of the attention from the international media the race has been getting is well noted.

Over the next few weeks, we expect well over three hundred visitors, filling the hotel and guest rooms in the English Harbour area. That is indeed incredible. The efforts in my Ministry and indeed the National Parks Authority are indeed paying considerable dividends.

Finally thank you Carsten and your team for making it possible for an Antiguan team to participate in the Challenge. Besides the heroism displayed by our team. I am very happy that the St. John Hospice is benefiting considerably from their charitable and courageous efforts. I look forward to the arrival of Team Wadadli.

Thank you once again for staying with us and continue to enjoy your stay in paradise.