Message from Audley Phillip

Audley Phillip:
In all honesty Mr. Michael, you have to look ahead and stop peeking in the rear view mirror. The overwhelming support you got as an independent candidate should tell you something. People no longer identity or associate you with your past brand which was retired on January 17th. Do not let the people who voted for you overwhelmingly down. Your love of people and your kindness might drag you into believing that there is a way to claw yourself back into the ABLP inner circle. Clearly you are not wanted and many of your former colleagues prefer to go down than to accommodate you….at least openly. Secretly, it might be another issue. You have won the hearts of your constituents and the wider society. It’s time you begin to chart a new course instead of “trying to force water to run uphill.” Inspite of the roots that you and your family have that is embedded in the ABLP, those roots now seem withered and dead. Stop watering dead plants. Respectfully Sir, it’s time to look ahead and move on. Your future in politics lies beyond the ABLP. Understand that! You very well know that if a no confidence vote is made in Parliament, there might be one or two within the ranks of the ABLP that will vote with independents and UPP to establish a coalition Government. Work at cementing that. You have the resources, influence and skill to do that.