Crime, particularly violent crime will not be tolerated. Our people and our visitors must be able to conduct their social and business lives without fear. Ours must be a society free of crime. Those who prey on people or who think life is cheap, will pay a high price.

There will be no retreat and no relaxation in our war on crime. Therefore, the ABLP will strengthen the following programme which has already started:

When foreigners commit serious crimes, they will be punished according to the law and then deported instantaneously;

• When locals commit serious crimes, they will also be severely punished with longer jail sentences;

• The Police and the Office of National Drug Control Police will be empowered and supported in their efforts to curb crime;

• Police will be provided with vehicles and new smart technology as well as K9 dogs trained to pursue criminals at crime scenes as well as those who try to escape custody;

• Officers in the law enforcement and justice system, who are found to be corrupt, will be shamed, punished and dismissed;

• Witness protection programmes will be enhanced;

Every effort will be made to encourage persons away from crime and to rehabilitate them in the event of crime, but readiness to encourage an
end to lawlessness should not be mistaken for weakness. Crime
will be dealt with firmly.

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