Land and access to land is the major issue in Gunthropes. I have initiated a programme where the Government of Antigua and Barbuda is currently surveying approximately fifteen acres of land for sub-division and sale, with first preference to residents of Gunthropes and the Sugar Factory area. Additionally, this community has been earmarked for a major Tourism Development Project where we will establish a Sugar Factory Museum. It will become an historical landmark both for tourists and citizens of Antigua and Barbuda.

The plan, which has already been formulated, and for which considerable financing has been sourced and earmarked, will see a complete transformation of the old Sugar Factory into a first-class museum, complete with locomotive lines feeding in from many parts of the island, as well as artifacts and other memorabilia saved from this very important era of our cultural and economic history. This project will bring considerable economic opportunities to the people of Gunthropes, Sugar Factory, Lightfoot and surrounding areas. These will include architecturally designed tourist shops where there will be manufacturing and retailing of souvenirs, craft, artwork, foodstuff and other exotic, Caribbean-themed items. Residents of our constituency will be given the first option to lease and operate the shops. We will upgrade the existing facility in Gunthropes for disabled and specially challenged individuals. I will endeavour to initiate a neighbourhood watch programme for residents.

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