For younger children and infants, we will have a new day-care centre, equipped and staffed with child-care workers. I intend to build a gymnasium fully equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. There will be a modern basketball court. The football field will be substantially refurbished with stands and floodlights


I will bring the energy and skill needed to enhance the career prospects of young Antiguans and Barbudans. I believe that an attractive, affordable and accessible educational system is the pre-requisite to harnessing the energy and creativity of our youth. We must also attend to the spiritual and material needs of individuals. I am not prepared to write-off any individual. The young men and women of St. Peter’s are gifted, and we must find suitable channels through which to funnel their creativity. One of my pet projects will be to liaise with officials of the Ministry of Health and Social Improvement, as well as other private sector agencies, to help our young people who use harmful drugs. They can be rehabilitated and given a new lease on life. It hurts me to the core to see so many young people, whom I knew from my school days, frittering their lives away due to a dependency on drugs, or others who may have had an unfortunate brush with the law and have given up hope of rehabilitation. As your Representative, I will not give up on the prospect of guiding these individuals back to the point where they can once again lead normal, productive and dignified lives. At this point, let me resume my analysis of the attempts by others to discredit and deliberately misrepresent my efforts at reaching out and attending to the needs of others.

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