Careful attention will be paid to preserving the pride of the community of Pares Village and improving its facilities. I do not get the impression that residents of Pares desire to see their community transformed into a “concrete jungle”. By that I mean that there is no desire for large buildings that will undermine the serenity of the area. Of course we will work at improving road surfaces and access to reliable utility services. But beyond all of those normal services, I intend to establish a modern Human Resource Development Centre, from which free courses can be conducted in computer literacy, adult education, various cottage industries and home making skills such as embroidery, sewing, cooking, pastry making and food preservation. Towards this goal, I have already identified land to be acquired from the central government and transferred to the St. Peter’s Trust Foundation. There is a Cabinet decision to this effect.

We will continue to repair and upgrade the basketball court. I have already fenced and flood-lit it. The football field has also been flood-lit, and soon after my election, I will have it fenced, and will erect open-air stands as well as adequate changing rooms for players. The Meals on Wheels programme will be extended to Pares Village, for its senior citizens and other less fortunate residents.

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