First and foremost, I will fight with vigour to secure justice for homeowners of Paynters’ Paradise (the Social Security Homes). I know what a major investment each home has been for these families. For many, it represents the very first home which they own, and into which they have placed their entire life-savings. I will be unflinching in my resolve to secure a fair settlement, to their full satisfaction, with the National Mortgage and Trust Company, and with the Social Security Board. One of my pet projects for Paynters is a Student After-Care Programme where children of all ages can be brought after school to a facility within the community, and be purposefully “socialized” and educated in the broadest sense of those words, until such time as their parents arrive to pick them up.

I believe I can acquire a suitable parcel of government land and concessionary seed financing to construct and equip this facility. It will be a community-based modern Social Centre, whose management and administration will be in the control of the residents of Paynters and the wider St. Peter’s. I envisage facilities such as homework classes, with special tutoring for those who need it; courses in computer technology; sports and recreation; training in life skills and home economics. I will approach the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board to propose a new scheme whereby buses will be scheduled to run into and out of Paynters on a regular basis for the convenience of its residents. Further, bus shelters will be constructed at appropriate locations to protect waiting passengers from the rain. In addition, road surfaces and sidewalks are in dire need of attention. Most residents have invested their life savings in their homes, and I will do my utmost to ensure there is no deterioration of the area due to poor roads, drainage or sidewalks. There is need also for adequate lighting, and an ongoing debushing programme. The basketball court is dilapidated and run down. We will repair, fence, floodlight and equip this facility to the standard where it can host national tournaments.

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