No charges against Asot Michael in UK

St Johns Antigua, May 24th, 2024 – A recent statement by the Honourable Prime Minister that he has been vindicated by the Arrest and Charge of Peter Virdee on an allegation of bribery to myself, is in my view misleading and misinformed.

It was the unilateral decision of the Comrade Leader of the ABLP to remove me from the ABLP ticket on the basis that I had a criminal charge either pending or likely to be soon pending in the English Courts. It has been some seven years and it is now clear, as substantiated in written correspondence to my UK Solicitors Kingsley Napley PLC, from Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA), that no charges have been laid or are likely to be laid against me as forecasted by the good gentleman. 

Many would remember the taunts in Parliament and outside where he kept indicating that charges were around the corner, like an eagle from above, they would swoop down and remove me from his path.  Again, no such charges have or are being laid. If they were, surely, I would not be titled as the victim in the charges against Mr. Virdee. I cannot see how this amounts to vindication. I remain uncharged and innocent of all allegations of wrong doing, whether in the UK or anywhere else. 

Prime Minister Gaston Browne never had any information that I was charged or was being charged in this matter.  I am sure that he had and has access to legal learning and facts to known better than to have engaged in his disparaging adventure against me. 

Maybe the simple and truthful explanation is that, wildly indifferent the law and facts, he used the situation to fulfil and excite his personal desire and animus to remove me from the slate of ABLP candidates. So, his claim of feeling vindicated is a total red herring and distraction.  I have always faithfully served the people of St. Peter and our beloved Country, at great personal sacrifice and without ill will and I continue to do so. Mr Browne’s efforts to stop me from doing so continue to fail. 

I am glad nonetheless to welcome the distinct change of tone in the Honourable gentleman’s language. I too, wish him no harm and I know he joins with me in wishing his personal friend Peter Virdee all the best in his forthcoming trial.   

As politicians we should always and will always seek the favour of our people, but in doing so we should always be candid and not in any way make statements that may be misleading. 

I hope that the Comrade Leader and senior members of the ABLP will take this moment in time to reflect and seek to heal and reunite the Party and not continue to take the electorate and the Party faithful for granted.