People poured in praises for Asot Michael speech

Well said my brother am really proud of you stand up for us it’s been t0o long

– Ikah Grayman


Good Night my brother, We’re so proud of the way you handle them in parliament. You have your support, Any action you will want to take.

– St. Peter Constituent


Well done today in Parliament my brother👏🏼👍🏼
– Barbara CARR


You were on fire today in Parliament, A Dam good Job
– Rawdon Turner


The country is praising you

– Anthony Clarke


Oh my goodness !!!!
What an amazing and truthful speech especially about your constituency !!!
My dear brother you are not afraid of No One 👍🏻👍🏻
You said out loud what others whisper !!!
You fight for your people and what you believe in 👌🏻👌🏻
Great job, proud of you !!!

– Nathalie


A fantastic excellent brilliant ending!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!
You were great. we are proud of you.

– Sandy Bahri


Good Night my brother
I’m so proud of your Representation in parliament.
The People of St.Peters we’re fed up with the LABOUR PARTY.
We’re so proud of the way you handle them in parliament.
You have your support

– Rolston Debu Williams


You were EXCELLENT today.
Don’t worry with that Gerry Watt he is singing for his supper.

– St. Peter Constituent


Excellent presentation, my first time listening to an entire presentation from one member.
You have to give me some lessons in public speaking.

– Antiguan


👏🏽👏🏽👌🏾👌🏾…job well done today Sir. You were amazing!!!



Im so proud of your Representation in Parliament
We’re so proud of the way you handle them in parliament
28 year in Government nothing has done in St. Peters constituency
And the people still been voting the labour party.
– St. Peters Constituent
You can’t leave unless you’re given the all clear by your Constituents, Comrade Wigley George telling you to get their Blessings first
– Wigley George [The President of the AT& LU ]
You were EXCELLENT today.
Don’t worry with that Gerry Watt he is singing for his supper.
I am sure Max felt embarrassed. He need to know how to talk
– Antiguan
U was very good in Parliament yesterday I love you bro
– From Sukey Simon
You are NOT going to quit. Antigua needs you and St. Peter’s needs you. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil what you are doing. I was so proud of you. You were dynamic and said what had to be said. 👏🏼👏🏼❤
– Donyelle Bird Browne
Good day sir I was watching u on Tv yesterday and u was brilliant I was so happy for wat u said
I see you were on fire yesterday lol
I was watching
I see you get away in parliament I really respect you I can see you fed up and speak your mind .that what you have to do sometimes
– Ray
Why would Government’s failure to give St. Peter it’s fair share be a reason for you to stand down, Bro? That message suggests surrender on your part and unwillingness to fight fir your constituents. If you wish to stand down, that’s fine, but is your replacement likely to cause St. Peter to get its fair share, regardless of who is in office? Or is it that you want to fire a torpedo across Gaston’s bow? God bless, Bro. Love you.
I have your back
just say the word
I am fed up right now
you have my support all the way am loyalty is with you and your family
– St Peters Constituent
GM Mr Michael great speech yesterday in parliament
– Wamani Grayman Of Parham
Well done today in Parliament my brother👏🏼👍🏼
– Jhirvirere Roberts
What’s up, I lesson to you and a.b.s tv and you was great well done, and when it comes to deliver a speech you are the greatest, take care of yourself, God bless you and your family,k.s.s.
– McClean Emmanuel, King Short Shirt
Great job in Parliament yesterday
Was really impressed
That’s the Asot the people of Parham voted for
– Jermaine Kentish.
I’m here listening to the video which you in Parliament
You are not an easy man
– Kayo
Your speech was great in parliament. Congratulations on your presentation. By the way you look great..keep it up.
your budget speech was very impressive you have my support
– Ehret BURTON
Gm, so true my dear brother, I am with you all the way, they couldn’t have treated us worse!!
I will never forget yr kindness!!
– Percy Simon, New York