Easter Message to the people of St Peter’s

Easter Message to the people of St Peter’s
From the Honourable Asot Michael, MP

My brothers and sisters of St Peter’s, on this Easter Sunday, I wish you a Happy Day.
I know that amid the doubt, uncertainty and fear caused by the coronavirus, many will feel that today is not a happy day.
We, in Antigua and Barbuda, are not accustomed to being confined to our homes, restricted from walking about, from visiting friends and from seeing our families.
We are also worried whether jobs will be lost, whether we will be able to pay our bills, and about what the future holds.
But, I assure you that, despite all these worries and concerns, today is still a happy day.
On this Easter Sunday, we must all recall that what appeared to be a defeat was actually the greatest victory of all.
For we are enduring no greater suffering than our Lord, Jesus Christ who, though he was crucified and died, rose from the dead, declaring, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die”.
So, this Easter Sunday, we must not wallow in fear or flounder in despair.
Easter was the beginning of hope for all!
That hope continues today and into the future.
The message of Easter today is what it has always been.
It is a message of celebration, a celebration of triumph, of hope and of love.
So, let us all take comfort in the hymn, written 300 years ago, by clergyman Philip Doddridge, that has endured ever since.
“He taught me how to watch, fight and pray, fight and pray
And live rejoicing every, everyday
Oh happy day”.
This season of fear, of despair and of worry, will pass.
After night’s darkness, comes the day’s brightness
After rain, comes sun
After sadness comes gladness.
That is the lesson of Easter; of the resurrection; of the ascension into heaven.
Therefore, my brothers and sisters of St Peter, on this day of rebirth and renewal,
let us recommit to care for one another.
Let us resolve to share so that no cupboard can be bare.
We are all in this together
And from it, we shall emerge together.
Let us rejoice in the hope that Easter gives us for tomorrow.
We too shall rise.
Happy Easter Sunday.